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Bill and Hilda Goodling spent their entire lives giving back to their community through education and public service. The Bill and Hilda Teacher Scholarship gives educational scholarships to local universities in York, Cumberland and Adams counties and to students that also reside in these counties who wish to pursue a degree in education. Thank you for supporting this effort to ensure that Bill and Hilda's legacy lives on and that every classroom has a quality teacher

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Hilda Goodling
Bill Goodling
US Congressman

Hilda Goodling was a passionate teacher for over fifty years and still making a difference in the classroom when she lost her battle with cancer. Her gift was that she made a difference in all student's journeys regardless of abilities; from York suburban to Baltimore city she changed lives daily. 

Bill Goodling was also a teacher, guidance counselor, coach and then a member of the US House of Representatives. Known as the "father of education", chairman of the Education Committee, he changed thousands of lives with the Even Start Family Literacy Program. This program had parents and students attend school together so that they cycle of illiteracy in their family was finally broken. Through this program parents could get jobs, actually help their kids with homework and have opportunities that most of us take for granted.

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